When the Ink Dries ….

Pumping power and polish into the web copy of businesses that know what they want, but don’t know how to get there.

And here is all you need to do, and it’s easier than asking that oh-so-hot date to the prom.

Have a shower, and comb your hair. Feeling better? Good, now uncork that bottle of wine, and take a fortifying swig. Then, drop me a line. Your reward will be a website that finally, completely reflects your biz and your vision for success.
Trust me, it will be worth it.
And then it just might be time to pour yourself another glass, because baby, it’s time to sell-e-brate! (ohhh, see what I did there?)


Lynn is very good at what she does and most of all, she cares about her work. She is very creative and we really enjoyed reading all she has provided. All my emails were responded to within an hour or two. She made all requests for changes quickly, got the job done within a few days. we’re very glad that we gave Lynn a chance on this project. If you are looking for a very talented copywriter, Lynn is your girl. Thank you Lynn. We hope all your future contracts are just as successful. We will be looking for you for future projects.
D. Nguyen, Golden Nails and Spa (OHIO, USA)
Lynn is exactly who you want. Look no further. (No seriously, stop looking.) She breathes life into words with such talent that they are addicting to read. She asks the right questions about you/your business and puts together a copy that is beyond what you could have ever imagined. She is such a breeze to work with that I’d even recommend her to my mom … if my mom needed copywriting.
Nikki Thibodeau (Victoria, BC), Island Business Print Group
Punchy content and timely delivery. Will definitely work with her again.
Katya, Aqula Vodka (East Africa)
Lynn did a great job transforming my boring draft brochure copy into something engaging. My sales messages are now crisp, clear, and stand out with a balanced amount of humour. Will definitely recommend Lynn and will hope to work with her again in the future.
Suzy T, Organic Apps mobile app developer (UK)
Lynn, It’s simply PERFECT and superbly written by your creative self … thank you so much. Cheers, Jan
Janet Daborn, Daborn Hypnotherapy (UK)