I seek adventure and courage in the ordinary shadows,

all the while knowing it’s not there.  It beckons from further afield.

But will those distant shores wash me clean with salvation?

Time passes on butterfly wings,

Cobwebs tickling my cheeks, slowing seconds

and I savour each hint of a smile that creases my cheeks.

Rare moments of joy that crack open the ordinary shuffle of life.

I wake, flushed with dewy sensation,

heated with memories of night time dreaming.

A sweeness of a life created in the realm that belongs to the moon, the stars, and deep shadows.

But now, I long for dreams that live in the sun, fed by its brightly heated beauty.

Creating moments that change dreams into memories, precious shiny gems to carry in my pockets.

Treasured companions to feed my soul, as time passes, fading in the golden glow of a life lived without regret.