Change, chance, and Chianti

My dad is 92.  He and my mom had a good life I guess.  Reflections of their lives and their happiness have been blurred over the years, as so many childhood memories are.   My mom passed away in 2001, and I am always a little haunted by the bone-deep inkling that while she had made […]

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A poem…

I seek adventure and courage in the ordinary shadows,

all the while knowing it’s not there.  It beckons from further afield.

But will those distant shores wash me clean with salvation?

Time passes on butterfly wings,

Cobwebs tickling my cheeks, slowing seconds

and I savour each hint of a smile that creases my cheeks.

Rare moments of joy that crack open […]

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The Rise and Fall of Friendship

Friendships come and friendships go.  It is an inevitable part of life.  Friends are often very much like romantic partners.  They come into your life for a season or a reason.  But not forever.  Do friends ever stay forever?  Do you ever have those enduring friendships (so commonly portrayed in those Saturday afternoon TV movies) […]

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Why a trip to the Okanagan needs to be your next girls’ weekend.

Travel is one thing that makes me so, so happy.  It is my favourite thing in the world.  A close second?  Wine.

Oh come on!  You feel that way too!  A lovely glass of wine can make the most humble evening and a pizza dinner something… special.

And if you’re having a lonely, emotional night, an empty […]

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Why you should experience your own Spanish Seduction

Have you traveled to Spain yet?  No???  WTF people!!  Get your asses in gear!

Ahem… In all fairness, this year was my first trip there… and I’m closer to 50 than 40.  But, oh how I’m glad I did.

I traveled to Spain with Intrepid Tours out of Australia, a company I have used three times before, […]

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Victoria artist, Gillian Redwood creates a buzz

When I met this talented artist, she was a stranger in an Italian class. As we struggled to conjugate verbs and laughed with our fiery haired insegnante, Valentina, we became friends. Her kind spirit and gentle manner were apparent. Her talent was something I came to discover. As she described her passion for painting, long, […]

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FEAR, SELF-LOATHING, AND THE SPECTRE OF DEPRESSION – My best 10 tips for fighting through to the other side and finding your happiness.



What stops us from achieving what we want in our lives?  Is it society?  Has it told you that you can’t be more than you are?  Is it your boss?  Does this person that you spend most of your life with (it’s actually true isn’t it?!) never give you validation, sometimes forgets to pay you […]

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The first man I ever loved I met through the pages of my favourite childhood literary series.  Awkward, gawky, teenaged me, with zero life experience, held my crush close to my heart, even though I knew he wasn’t real.  Hmmm, might have been one of the most agreeable relationships I have had to date!

That is […]

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Down the Rabbit Hole

If you ask people if they believe in magic, most will likely say no.  And they’re quite right.  When do you experience magic in this world?  Dazzling and blinding Hogwart’s style magic?  But what if magic wasn’t quite so obvious?   What if it was actually found in the tiny moments of every day?  Little glimpses […]

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What’s Wrong with your About Page, and How to Fix it

Your opening line on your About Page probably starts off something like this:  “Hi!  I’m so-and-so, and I have been running Babycakes Bakery since 2010.  Baking is my passion!  In fact, I have been baking since I was 6 years old…  blah, blah, blah…

The problem?

Nobody cares.
I’m not trying to be a mean shitehead, but […]

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