Wine review – a lovely French bordeaux

Welcome to my weekly wine review! 
Each week I will quaff down a ravishing red or winsome white.  (Well, I’ll be quaffing every week … will try to blog that often!)
This time around, I bought a bottle of French red.  I have been partial to French wine since my trip to romantic Paris.  Lovely bottle of […]

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Happy New Year!

With 2013 comes the onslaught of resolutions.  Do you make resolutions?   Do you write them in a journal?  Post them on your fridge?  Or do you tell all your friends so you will feel more compelled to keep them?

Well, I`m going to do one better.  I`m going to post them HERE, for everyone to see.  […]

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Sirmione – a jewel on the shores of Lake Garda

A visit to Italy this year took me to Verona.  Verona is quaint and charming, but my four day stay was a tiny bit too long.  So, a bus trip to Lake Garda was definitely in order.  My friend, Alison, and I walked through pretty

Verona, and then trudged up  the not so pretty stretch to […]

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Is life passing you by? Run that bitch down!

You know the feeling.  That pit in your stomach, that tightness in your chest.  You look at the clock and it’s only 10:30 am.  And you wonder, is this all there is?
Maybe.  But only if you let it be. 
You feel like you’re destined for more.  You’ve felt like that for a while (maybe your […]

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Because you’re worth it baby!

Just a handful of years ago, I approached my boss (three years in a row) and asked for a raise.  Like clockwork, I would take a breath, walk in and put it out there.  Yes, I was nervous.  I knew there was a possibility he might say no, but not a great one.  Why did […]

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Florence – the Cradle of the Renaissance

One of my favourite cities in Italy has to be Firenze, or Florence.  The first time I visited Florence was in 2010.  I had just come from Roma, and did not find the city to be very welcoming.  In fact, I had stopped a fashionable woman on my first day, to ask directions.  I am […]

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Putting your best face forward

I have never been very impressed with foundations.  They all seemed to work the same.  But I was rather taken with Arbonne’s perfecting liquid foundation.  It gave my skin a much smoother finish than previous foundations I have tried, helped to disguise my pores, and controlled shine better.  Well done Arbonne!  While I do find […]

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Condo or Condon’t

I got my start in the housing market by buying a condo approximately eight years ago.  I was very excited to own my own “home” – no more landlords telling me what colours I can or can’t paint, no one arbitrarily raising my rent, or coming into my place without notice (trust me, this happens […]

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The Magic of Venice

I have heard some people describe Venice as being a melancholy place, a smelly place, an unfriendly place.  To me, Venice is simply… magic.

I have never been to any place that feels quite like Venice.  It is one of those places that you don’t quite realize how much it has gotten under your skin until […]

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The most valuable tip for travel: Learn the Language!

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you have to get a university degree in languages before you travel.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  But I think the most important thing you can do for yourself if you are travelling is to learn some of the language.  I consider that to […]

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