Photogs:  What is going to grab your attention (and time) first?

Photo-blogging that last, second last, and third last wedding?

Or soothing that excited and mildy (translate: wildly) impatient bride who is simply dying inside until those gorgeous wedding photos are delivered into her outstretched hands (or inbox)?

Yup, exactly.  Keeping your client happy is priority number 1, so blogging that adorable seaside wedding will just have to wait…

Until you realize you’re 10 weddings behind, and still haven’t tackled that blog.

So what if you could take that one oh-so-important (yet artistically unsatisfying) task off your must do list?  And you could then concentrate on your craft (and keeping that bride ecstatically happy!).

That’s where I come in!  Simply send me your sized photos, with details of the wedding, and I will craft them into beautiful, poignant blog posts that will showcase your amazing talents without sucking away all your time!


• A little thing called SEO – more clients will find you on Google via the inserted keywords and ALT text
• It’s a great way to dazzle potential clients with the array of amazing photos you regularly shoot (not just a few lucky shots!)
• Show your clients that you have boatloads of experience. I mean, look at all of those blog posts!
• It gives your clients a great way to share their photos with family and friends (not to mention it also promotes your business to them).


1. You provide me with the edited wedding photos for the blog.  You can either send me the entire gallery and the maximum number of photos to be featured, or send a set selection of photos to be included in the post.  I can combine the photos into diptychs and triptychs for less featured photos.                                                                                  – I can resize the photos to your specifications, if needed. 
2. For the written portion of the blog post –
–  Option 1: You provide a completed write up for the blog, and I will proof read and polish the text.
–  Option 2: You provide me with pertinent details about the wedding and the bride & groom, and I will craft a well-written post to complement your gorgeous photos.
3. Provide me with the venue, florist, caterer, bridal shop, and other pertinent details.
4. Provide any keywords, or identify what you want to focus your SEO on for the post (i.e. Vancouver Island wedding photographer).
5. Set me up with a user name, so I can go directly to your blog and input the pictures directly.
6. I will provide ALT text for each photo to make the Google bots happy.
7. I will add necessary tags and will categorize the post appropriately.
8. You sigh with relief and get back to your editing!


All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Regular delivery (completion in 1 week)    $65
Expedited delivery (within 4 days)            $85
3 blog posts       $175
6 blog posts       $351
10 blog posts     $585

Package Options:

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So breathe easy and contact me today. Your life just got a whole lot easier!