Hello all,

In the past, I have spent much of my free time labouring with animal rescue groups.  Helping the animals has been so amazing.  I fostered for nearly 10 years and have witnessed countless sick and injured cats and kittens come through my home, blossom into healthy, wonderful pets, and then get adopted into their (hopefully) forever homes.  I have three cats of my own, Lexi (who is 19), Millie (a 7 yr old fat cat torbie) and Lucas (a coal black feral kitten I tamed who is now just over a year old).

This work has at times filled my heart with joy, other times it has filled it with sorrow.  But strictly from the viewpoint of helping these poor little creatures, it has been 100% worth it.  Even when a poor elderly cat in renal failure peed on my loveseat and I had to get rid of it.  Still worth it.  What was not worth it, more often than not, was the people involved.  Many were great.  Some were not.  Too often, I found egos coming ahead of animal welfare.  Smaller rescues were getting “banned” by the webmistress from posting their animals for adoption on bigger sites for perceived personal slights, even when it is supposed to be “all about the animals”.  Another group left a feral kitten in a new home for 5 days, even though the panicked adopter had called on day 2 to say that the kitten was not adjusting and hadn’t eaten or drank any water since arriving.  When the foster person called the adopter on day 5, just to make sure everything was ok (usually no news is good news!), the adopter, who also had a new baby, was in uber-panic, as the poor little kitten had now been 5 days without food or water, and was severely dehydrated and at risk for fatty liver disease.  The foster person immediately retrieved the kitten, who, relieved at being back in a familiar place, immediately had a huge drink of water and at a plate of food.  Yes, that foster person was me.  Not long after that, the rescue had refused to help an emaciated kitten in need due to “no foster homes”.  I agreed to take little one in and immediately emailed the rescue to let them know I would help.  The lady at the pound begged me to take little one home then and there, as sickness was sweeping through their shelter like wildfire.  I could not say no.  I was “fired” as a volunteer the next day for my subordination.  And they still refused to help this little soul.  <sigh>  This is a group I had been fostering for for almost 10 years.  Needless to say, I was disillusioned and found I needed a break from animal rescue.

However, I do donate my money when I can.  I recently discovered a very hardworking little rescue in Victoria, British Columbia called Broken Promises Rescue.  This rescue is run by a pair of ladies who have been doing animal rescue for as long as I can remember, and is a group I feel confident are putting animals first and foremost – they will do whatever it takes to help a dog, cat, bunny (etc) that has been deemed a lost cause by everyone else.  They have rehabilitated so many wonderful pets and found homes for them.  But now they need your help!

For the first time since they started, they are running short on funds, and had had to put a halt to taking in any more animals.  This is terrrible news, as I they might just take in more animals in Victoria than any other group.   If you can spare some money to donate, they are a registered charity, and you will most definitely receive a tax receipt.  Here are some of the wonderful animals up for adoption:




Wee Pitch

So, if you want to do something today that will make your heart grow three sizes, check out Broken Promises Rescue’s website, and open your wallet.  I just did.  You, me, and BP – we may be the only hope these little guys have.  Peace!