The first man I ever loved I met through the pages of my favourite childhood literary series.  Awkward, gawky, teenaged me, with zero life experience, held my crush close to my heart, even though I knew he wasn’t real.  Hmmm, might have been one of the most agreeable relationships I have had to date!

That is […]

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What’s Wrong with your About Page, and How to Fix it

Your opening line on your About Page probably starts off something like this:  “Hi!  I’m so-and-so, and I have been running Babycakes Bakery since 2010.  Baking is my passion!  In fact, I have been baking since I was 6 years old…  blah, blah, blah…

The problem?

Nobody cares.
I’m not trying to be a mean shitehead, but […]

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Social Media from Scratch – it’s rather like dating for your business!

When I launched my copywriting business, the message was loud and clear—get your butt on social media.  The overwhelming opinion smacking me full in the face (open palmed) was that a savvy social media presence was no longer an option, it was a business requirement.  And businesses that weren’t jumping on the chuck wagon?  Were […]

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