Victoria artist, Gillian Redwood creates a buzz

When I met this talented artist, she was a stranger in an Italian class. As we struggled to conjugate verbs and laughed with our fiery haired insegnante, Valentina, we became friends. Her kind spirit and gentle manner were apparent. Her talent was something I came to discover. As she described her passion for painting, long, […]

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Down the Rabbit Hole

If you ask people if they believe in magic, most will likely say no.  And they’re quite right.  When do you experience magic in this world?  Dazzling and blinding Hogwart’s style magic?  But what if magic wasn’t quite so obvious?   What if it was actually found in the tiny moments of every day?  Little glimpses […]

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The Christmas season can be tough on a single.  There is this buzz in the air of romance and magic.  Nearly every Christmas special on TV includes a pair of lost souls finding each other and falling madly in love.  And the current Christmas songs?  Yep, so many of them are all about love:
·         All […]

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I moved to Victoria 14 years ago.  I was barely 30, and filled with excitement and exuberance about my new life on the West coast.  I had a fantastic job, as well as a world of possibilities, waiting for me.  I had heard about Victoria’s nickname, home of “the newly wed and nearly dead”, but […]

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Condo or Condon’t

I got my start in the housing market by buying a condo approximately eight years ago.  I was very excited to own my own “home” – no more landlords telling me what colours I can or can’t paint, no one arbitrarily raising my rent, or coming into my place without notice (trust me, this happens […]

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Broken Promises Rescue … a hardworking rescue in need of your help

Hello all,
In the past, I have spent much of my free time labouring with animal rescue groups.  Helping the animals has been so amazing.  I fostered for nearly 10 years and have witnessed countless sick and injured cats and kittens come through my home, blossom into healthy, wonderful pets, and then get adopted into their […]

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