Change, chance, and Chianti

My dad is 92.  He and my mom had a good life I guess.  Reflections of their lives and their happiness have been blurred over the years, as so many childhood memories are.   My mom passed away in 2001, and I am always a little haunted by the bone-deep inkling that while she had made […]

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Why a trip to the Okanagan needs to be your next girls’ weekend.

Travel is one thing that makes me so, so happy.  It is my favourite thing in the world.  A close second?  Wine.

Oh come on!  You feel that way too!  A lovely glass of wine can make the most humble evening and a pizza dinner something… special.

And if you’re having a lonely, emotional night, an empty […]

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Why you should experience your own Spanish Seduction

Have you traveled to Spain yet?  No???  WTF people!!  Get your asses in gear!

Ahem… In all fairness, this year was my first trip there… and I’m closer to 50 than 40.  But, oh how I’m glad I did.

I traveled to Spain with Intrepid Tours out of Australia, a company I have used three times before, […]

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I’m not fond of hunters at the best of times.  Really?  You like to kill animals for sport?  Seems pretty twisted to me.  But, I digress…  This story is about a completely different type of hunter.  Wild animals are not his prey.  Female tourists are.  His weapons?  The beautiful Italian language, red wine, and a […]

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Food and Wine – Two of the Great Pleasures of Italy (and Life!)

When I am preparing to travel to Italy, I start to experience that tingle of anticipation well in advance. You know what is coming if you’ve been there. Not only are you going to be exposed to amazing history around every corner, you’ll experience a lifestyle that is the polar opposite of North America. It’s […]

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I arrived in Rome sleep deprived and slightly disoriented.  The area around Termini is not the prettiest, and is surrounded by rather dodgy looking restaurants and “illegals” lining the sidewalks, selling every sundry item from purses to scarves to cell phone covers.  Rome’s charm does not reveal itself immediately.  You must spend a little time […]

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In Roma

As you may or may not know, i decided to travel to Italy this summer to study Italian. Strike one thing off the bucket list because here i am!
On arriving in Roma, i am assaulted by sounds, sights, and heat. although it is past the worst of summer, it is still caldissimo. I was so […]

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Unforgettable moments in Italy

Have you ever felt a connection to a place that is far away from where you were born?  Do you sometimes feel like some core part of you recognizes this new place, that deep in your soul, you must somehow know this place as more than just a place you’ve visited?   
I have been to […]

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Movies that ignite my lust for travel

Nothing can get me lusting for a plane ticket in my hand like a good travel themed movie.  It transports me to places far and exotic and pulls me under its spell, even though I`m sitting in my own living room, in my sweats, and a cat half sitting on my head.  Yes, sexy stuff.


So […]

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Sirmione – a jewel on the shores of Lake Garda

A visit to Italy this year took me to Verona.  Verona is quaint and charming, but my four day stay was a tiny bit too long.  So, a bus trip to Lake Garda was definitely in order.  My friend, Alison, and I walked through pretty

Verona, and then trudged up  the not so pretty stretch to […]

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