Change, chance, and Chianti

My dad is 92.  He and my mom had a good life I guess.  Reflections of their lives and their happiness have been blurred over the years, as so many childhood memories are.   My mom passed away in 2001, and I am always a little haunted by the bone-deep inkling that while she had made […]

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Why a trip to the Okanagan needs to be your next girls’ weekend.

Travel is one thing that makes me so, so happy.  It is my favourite thing in the world.  A close second?  Wine.

Oh come on!  You feel that way too!  A lovely glass of wine can make the most humble evening and a pizza dinner something… special.

And if you’re having a lonely, emotional night, an empty […]

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What’s Wrong with your About Page, and How to Fix it

Your opening line on your About Page probably starts off something like this:  “Hi!  I’m so-and-so, and I have been running Babycakes Bakery since 2010.  Baking is my passion!  In fact, I have been baking since I was 6 years old…  blah, blah, blah…

The problem?

Nobody cares.
I’m not trying to be a mean shitehead, but […]

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Unforgettable moments in Italy

Have you ever felt a connection to a place that is far away from where you were born?  Do you sometimes feel like some core part of you recognizes this new place, that deep in your soul, you must somehow know this place as more than just a place you’ve visited?   
I have been to […]

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Wine night with a hot Italian

What is better than a great wine and a great friend with whom you can be wholly yourself?
That was how my work week morphed into a sunny, tranquil Friday evening. 
Leaving behind the screeching phones and the clack of keyboards, I headed to Langford for an evening of good company with my lovely friend, Gwen, […]

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Following your dreams… and to hell with what people think

You don’t want follow the social mould, you want … more.  And what do people say?
You’re crazy! 
Why are you never satisfied?

What’s wrong with here?

What are you running away from?

No one lives like that except in the movies!
My answer to that?  Screw that.
Have you ever noticed that if you want something in your life that is […]

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Wine of the week – why French wine is definitely not plonk

My second reviewed wine is another red.  Why?  Because it’s winter.  Because red is complex and bold.   Because it paints my tongue a lovely shade of purple.  And because it explodes in my mouth and coats every crevice with flavour.
I have 3 friends here tonight to help me with my tasting.  Ok, Rebecca is drinking gingerale, but […]

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Wine review – a lovely French bordeaux

Welcome to my weekly wine review! 
Each week I will quaff down a ravishing red or winsome white.  (Well, I’ll be quaffing every week … will try to blog that often!)
This time around, I bought a bottle of French red.  I have been partial to French wine since my trip to romantic Paris.  Lovely bottle of […]

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Happy New Year!

With 2013 comes the onslaught of resolutions.  Do you make resolutions?   Do you write them in a journal?  Post them on your fridge?  Or do you tell all your friends so you will feel more compelled to keep them?

Well, I`m going to do one better.  I`m going to post them HERE, for everyone to see.  […]

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Sirmione – a jewel on the shores of Lake Garda

A visit to Italy this year took me to Verona.  Verona is quaint and charming, but my four day stay was a tiny bit too long.  So, a bus trip to Lake Garda was definitely in order.  My friend, Alison, and I walked through pretty

Verona, and then trudged up  the not so pretty stretch to […]

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