You don’t want follow the social mould, you want … more.  And what do people say?

You’re crazy! 

Why are you never satisfied?

What’s wrong with here?

What are you running away from?

No one lives like that except in the movies!

My answer to that?  Screw that.

Have you ever noticed that if you want something in your life that is out of the norm, people think you’re crazy.  Hell, they’ll tell you to your face. 

Is it wrong to not be satisfied with working 9 to 5?  Just because you were born somewhere (city, country), why are you supposed to be satisfied living there forever? 

Does wanting something different, something more mean you’re running from something?  Sure, mediocrity, a life without dreams, a life without the hope of creating something extraordinary for yourself.  I’ll happily admit to running from that. 

People will tell you you’re crazy, I think, because they are afraid to pursue their own dreams, and want you to do the same.  Because if you take that leap, do something so radically different — and succeed, will they have to question their own life, their own decisions?

Call me crazy, that’s ok.  Because, I’m past caring about what other people think.  I’ve spent way too many years doing so, and it has never gotten me anywhere.  The truth is, I am unsatisfied with my life.  I am no longer happy working 9 to 5, sitting on my ass all day, and I want my life to be an adventure.  I feel this yearning deep within me that, to date, has only been satisfied when I have been travelling.  

What does this mean?

Hell if I know. 

But what I do know, is I need a change.  And I wonder if Europe might be the place for me.  Will living in a foreign country be the change I need?  Maybe.   Paris?  Florence?  Barcelona? 

But I don’t want to get to the end of my life, and say I wonder what my life would have been like if I’d at least tried.   

So I’m working on building my copywriting business.  Creating plans in my head and in my heart.   

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll wake up one day, grab a cafe crème, and drink my steamy java by the Seine. 

And I’ll be home.