With 2013 comes the onslaught of resolutions.  Do you make resolutions?   Do you write them in a journal?  Post them on your fridge?  Or do you tell all your friends so you will feel more compelled to keep them?

Well, I`m going to do one better.  I`m going to post them HERE, for everyone to see.  And I hope they make me a better me for 2013.

I resolve to:

Live Large

Laugh loudly

Lessen loneliness

Build my business

Cultivate calm

Cherish friends

Create cool confidence

Embrace Empathy

Dream Deeply

Accept anger

Follow with forgiveness

Find new friends around the world

Be Vulnerable

Open Wide

Dig deep

Thank thoroughly (of those who have helped you)

Wish wisely

Kiss a Parisian man (again *wink*)

Kiss an Italian man

Rediscover passion

Welcome love to me as more than a place to visit

Grow grace in the soul

Believe in magic … just a little bit

Travel, Travel, and Travel some more and then…

Isn`t this the point where my European husband-to-be should be proposing?

Did I mention dream big (or is that more globally)?

Ciao, Au revoir, and good bye for now.  May all your dreams for 2013 come true, or at least leave the starting gate.  Mwah!