If you ask people if they believe in magic, most will likely say no.  And they’re quite right.  When do you experience magic in this world?  Dazzling and blinding Hogwart’s style magic?  But what if magic wasn’t quite so obvious?   What if it was actually found in the tiny moments of every day?  Little glimpses that warm your heart, allow you to share special moments with friends, and make the every day, just a little less ordinary?

On Saturday, I think I found just that.  I fell down the rabbit hole and found myself in Leka Land.  There was no mad hatter, but I did encounter Leka’s delightfully friendly owner, Aase Lium. Click here to hear a little more about Leka–from Aase herself!

Leka store in Victoria, BCFirst and foremost, Leka is a store that sells a kaleidoscopic selection of wonderful items—table runners, ridiculously beautiful tea towels (that Aase insists must be used despite their beauty!), colourful teapots, soft-as-a-whisper bamboo undies, skirts, and tops.  There’s funky jewellery, whimsical toys, and softly romantic scarves.

But the true experience is when you walk through the doors and are surrounded by light, colour, and vibrance.  I went into Leka (pronounced Lee-ek-a) with my lovely friend Gwen, and before long, we were greeted by the warm and welcoming Aase.  Friendly, but never pushy, she makes you feel like you’re a guest in her home, and promptly offers you tea in brightly coloured mugs.

Aase Lium, owner of LekaFrom there, Gwen and I wandered from item to item, colour to colour—touching, trying, and all the while getting caught up on each other’s lives.  Painted flowers blossom under our feet.  There are soft, vibrant fabrics everywhere that our fingers itch to feel.   Every so often, Aase will point out a detail of a product that highlights its charm, its uniqueness—dare I say its magic?

Leka’s creed:  Capture, Create and Honour Beauty.  And they do it in style.

People come and go that Aase obviously has seen many times.  She greets them with a smile, a hello, and sometimes an excited (and charming) squeal of delight.

Leather wrap around bracelet, worry ringDuring our sojourn at Leka, draping silver and stones around our throats, pulling worry rings onto our fingers, and sipping our delicious tea, a slight and tiny woman carrying a package came in to greet Aase.  Imagine our delight when we discovered she was one of the Danish jewellery designers, bringing in a cache of new earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  I am well pleased to say we were the first in Victoria to lay our eyes on these unique treasures.    And yes, one of the necklaces found a new home with me!  Gwen became the proud new owner of an owl iPhone case and super cool leather wrap around bracelet.

Bamboo undies, jewellery, and teaHappy and shopping sated, Gwen and I bid adieu to our lovely hostess and wandered down Fort Street toward our cars, re-entering into real life once again.

Damn, why didn’t I get the worry ring??!!