My second reviewed wine is another red.  Why?  Because it’s winter.  Because red is complex and bold.   Because it paints my tongue a lovely shade of purple.  And because it explodes in my mouth and coats every crevice with flavour.

I have 3 friends here tonight to help me with my tasting.  Ok, Rebecca is drinking gingerale, but it’s no reflection on the wine, I can assure you.  Apparently not everyone likes wine.  I know, I can’t wrap my head around it either.  🙂


To be honest, it was our first bottle of three that night, but it was definitely my favourite:  2010 Clos des Miran VISAN Cote du Rhones-Villages

The price point was quite good (for BC) at $15.  I bought this bottle at the Fort St. and Foul Bay Signature Liquor Store.  It is my second favourite place to buy wine after Everything Wine.  And they have a wonderful wine consultant named Brenda who is my go-to person for wine recommendations at this store.  If you’re looking for a good wine in a particular price point, she’ll point you in the right direction!

Back to our tasting.  I poured our first glass and we all took in the aroma. It was quite lovely and full of promise.  Peppery, a little earthy, and dark berry greeted us.  A sip revealed herbal notes and nice tannins.  It wasn’t overly complex, but not fruit forward, which is what I so love about old world wines.  And while I’m quite certain France keeps the best wine in their own country (the devils!), this one was pretty damn good.

I asked my friends their thoughts on the wine.  “I like it!” Ron proclaims.  I turn to Randy.  “I like it too!” he states emphatically.  Hmmm…  Ok guys, but what else?  Are there any specific notes to the wine?  Anything that jumps to mind as you taste it?

“Ummm berries?” Ron offers.

“I like it!” Randy reiterates.  “It’s really good!”

Drink up boys.  I’ll take it from here.

Til next time!  Vive le France vin! (Long live French wine)