Welcome to my weekly wine review! 

Each week I will quaff down a ravishing red or winsome white.  (Well, I’ll be quaffing every week … will try to blog that often!)

This time around, I bought a bottle of French red.  I have been partial to French wine since my trip to romantic Paris.  Lovely bottle of luscious Bordeaux lined the shelves at the local Carrefour market, just ripe for the picking, at just over 3 euros each.  Oh, glory be, I’m in heaven!  In Paris you whisk off you bottle with a couple of glasses, and sample your wine in the balmy Parisian air while sitting on the ancient Ponte des Artes, watching Parisian couples share amore.

Here, a little less exotic.  I buy my bottle for … oh about five times the price here.   No sitting out by the river’s edge without a visit from Victoria’s finest.  Europa, I miss you!

Belleruche wineMy red du jour is called Belleruche 2010 from the winemaker Michel Chapoutier.  The Chapoutier family has been producing wines in the Rhone valley since 1808.  Old world wines… which are always my preference (compared with “new world” wines which such as Australia, the US, and Canada).  Not that the Okanagan can’t make a kick ass wine – they do!  But the old world wines with their rich history shall always hold sway over me.

It’s Friday night, and my wine club is present – myself, Lexi, Millie, and Lucas.  I’m the only one sampling the 2010 vintage this night, as apparently cats don’t like wine.  Whatever!  More for me.  As I pour my first glass, Lucas licks his genitals.  Awesome!  This is off to an elegant, refined start.  Maybe I should change out of my yoga pants to class it up a bit?  Screw it.  If I spill, I won’t care as much in my old scrubbies.

Let’s get down to some wine drinking!  In goes the DVD copy of Captain America (loaned to me by my nephew, Jeff), and I settle in for my tasting.  First, the swirl to release the essence of the wine.  It’s really nice!!  If it tastes as good as it smells, I’m in for a treat.

Peering in my glass (not much has happened in the movie yet, the hero is still a skinny kid), I see gorgeous, dark purple colour.   Hints of blueberry, cherry, and tobacco tickle my nose.  My first sip is amazing – the fruit is understated and well balanced with a subtle smokiness and spice, with a peppery, long finish.  This is one of the nicest reds I have had in a while, but people tell me I shouldn’t be surprised, that Chapoutier never puts out anything bad.  And a decent value for $18.99.

Hmmm, maybe another glass or three, just to make sure!